The Effects of Georgia’s Cancellation of the Anaklia Deep-Water Port Contract

A contract to develop Georgia’s first deep-water port on the Black Sea was cancelled after a series of controversies and…

Democracy Aligned: Indian and U.S. Interests in Central Asia

Introduction The Eurasian Heartland, Central Asia, has become, as Halford Mackinder predicted at the start of the 20th century, the…

Media Highlights of the Week

Energy and Economy Tajikistan’s Parliament Will Now Allow Foreigners to Buy Shares in Roghun Tajikistan’s Parliament voted to permit foreigners…

Media Highlights of the Week

Energy and Economy Georgia Cancels Contract for Major Black Sea Port Project Georgia has terminated an investment agreement with an…


The historic shift from self-isolation to cooperation by the Central Asian states continued when the leaders of the five –…

Caspian Policy Center Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the “Contract of the Century” in Washington.

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Today, the Caspian Policy Center held the Contract of the Century: Building on 25 Years of Success event at…

Media Highlights of the Week

Politics & Security U.S. Defense Secretary Meets with Azeri Counterpart U.S. Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark Esper met with Azerbaijani…

Advancing Economic Reforms in Azerbaijan

Last week’s changes in the top of Azerbaijan’s Economic Ministry — Minister Shahin Mustafayev moved up to a deputy prime…

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