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cpc holds a briefing on trips to the south caucasus

CPC Holds a Briefing on Trips to the South Caucasus

Author:Caspian Policy Center

Apr 19, 2022

In March and April, senior fellows, advisors, and staff of the Caspian Policy Center traveled to Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia to meet with experts and officials in each of the countries. In these meetings, they learned about the energy, security, and diplomatic aspects of each country’s current policy in the region, and what those policies mean for regional cooperation and peace. In the briefing CPC’s experts shared their takeaways from the region’s capitals and potential opportunities to increase U.S. engagement. and the implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has further upset the geopolitical balance of a region already dealing with the consequences of COVID-19, the implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the region’s reactions were of primary focus. Additionally, the potential for progress in forming a lasting peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia was discussed. The briefing was attended by members of the diplomatic, academic, think tank, and business communities.

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