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Strategies for Inclusive Economic Growth: Women’s Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan

Strategies for Inclusive Economic Growth: Women’s Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan

Women’s entrepreneurship is a pathway for equitable economic growth and gender equality. The government of Tajikistan has taken a number of steps to build a favorable environment for women to start and grow businesses. Yet, new stresses posed by global responses to COVID-19 require us to rethink how to best support female-owned enterprises amidst a global pandemic with gendered consequences.

For this event, we will gather regional and international practitioners and academics to discuss key developments in women’s entrepreneurship in Tajikistan over the past three decades. The discussion will cover the legacy of Soviet policies and civil war on gender roles, the legal and social environments in which female-owned businesses function, and the impact of technology on entrepreneurship. The speakers will also share their insights on how to best circumvent challenges posed by the global pandemic, as well as suggestions for overcoming barriers to women’s economic empowerment in the long run.

Join this CPC webinar as we discuss the accomplishments of women’s entrepreneurship in Tajikistan and identify pathways to their further reinforcement and expansion.

9:00-9:05    Welcome Remarks –  Efgan Nifti, Chief Executive Officer, Caspian Policy Center

9:05-9:10    Keynote Address – Randy Kolstad, Acting Mission Director, USAID in  Tajikistan

9:10-9:30      Opening Statements


  • Ambassador (ret.) Susan M. Elliott, Former U.S. Ambassador to Tajikistan (2012-2015); Senior Fellow, Caspian Policy Center



  • Dr. Gulbakhor Makhkamova, President, Financial Inclusion in Development; Founder and Chairwomen, National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan (NABWT)
  • Nasibakhon Aminova, Executive Director, National Association of Small and Medium Business of the Republic of Tajikistan (NASMB RT)
  • Malika Jurakulova, Gender Advisor, USAID Tajikistan

9:30-9:55      Discussion and Q&A

9:55-10:00     Closing Remarks