Efgan Nifti

Efgan Nifti is the executive director and the board member of the Caspian Policy Center (CPC). He previously worked for Georgetown University as a research assistant and as a faculty development coordinator and lecturer for Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA). His areas of expertise include  energy security, political economy and international affairs of the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Caspian. One of his policy research papers that called “Energy Future of Europe and the Southern Gas Corridor” was selected as one of the best policy papers in 2013 by the University of Pennsylvania. He regularly testifies and makes presentations on critical policy issues of the Caspian Region in various international organizations including NATO, European Union and UN and international conferences. His commentaries and articles also appeared in major news media including Bloomberg, Foreign Affairs, CNN, NTV, MSNBC etc. Dr. Nifti received his graduate degrees in international affairs and political science from Georgetown University and the George Washington University. He is fluent in English, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian.
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