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Why CPC?

Caspian Policy Center (CPC) is a nonprofit, public charity 501(c)(3) organization based in Washington, DC. We provide research on economy, politics and energy security of the Caspian region, a strategic area with energy resources, geopolitical rivalry and economic development at the crossroads of the East and the West.

CPC’s impact

We provide a platform for academia, policy and business community in Washington, DC to get insights on the intertwined affairs of the Caspian region with scholarly publications, strategic events, international projects and media production. This is the platform where diverse voices from academia, business and policy world come together to share their experiences, ideas and impact to give a voice to the crucial issues in the Caspian region.

CPC relies on your support

Our members and impactful network of affiliated policymakers, scholars and executives are on a mission to navigate the Caspian region towards a more secure and prosperous future. This mission of ours would be impossible without the support we get from public and private sector organizations, government agencies, corporations and individuals.

Your donations to CPC are considered tax deductible expenses so they can reduce your taxable income, lowering your tax bill. Donate today and become a part of the positive impact we bring to the Caspian.



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